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Digital Class


*DRAWING 101 - Perfect your Practice on Paper

*Understand Emotional Importance of this work

*Finding more of your true Purpose and Passion

*Technical Challenges - Understand to Overcome

*FULL COURSE - Critiqued drawing assignments to break through artistic limitations and strengthen your tattooing!

*V2 - Same content with no assignments or advice:


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A.R.T. Artistic and Areola Restorative Tattoo, LLC

A.R.T. has pioneered the most advanced education and training tools, changing the entire face of Paramedical Artistry.  We offer hybrid training options that are completely complimentary to each other, as well as each element being complimentary to every other medical training available.  Body Art perspectives to expand your technique.

We have trained and mentored your favorite nipple tattoo trainers, so come straight to the source!  Train using the worlds ONLY scarred practice skins, learn with actual scar tissue needle sets and master permanent pigment dilutions and application!

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90 min live

- Understanding Soft Tissue and stored emotions

- Create a Safe, Relaxing Space in your studio

- Learn how to release clients energy + emotions!

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Sacred Space

Learn about stored emotions and body dysmorphia in trauma sites.  Change the energy of your studio space and turn it into a sanctuary for your clients.  Offer a safe space for them to release their old pain, and learn a little bit about holding space while protecting your energy.

02 - September 22

Tattooing Scars

Designed for experienced medical tattooists and body tattoo artists who want to deepen their technical understanding of how scars receive pigment.  Develop feel and how to read biofeedback.

Needling and tattooing techniques discussed.

Tattooing Scarslogoclear.png

03 -September 22

Scar Coverups

Experienced Tattoo Artists can offer beautiful and effective scar coverups.  Develop your abilities and avoid common mistakes.  Create strong composition and flow that enhance the body and help your client move on from the pain and embrace a healed life!

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