Teacher, CEO, founder of A.R.T.

Renowned Subject Matter Expert

25 yrs Professional Body Tattoo Artist

22 yrs Scar Tissue Coverup Experience

Art School Educated, Patent Holder 

Innovator, Author, Educator

Award-Winning, Published, Interviewed & more...


Dallas, Austin, Phoenix, Miami


A.R.T. Certification

We put a call out to Experienced Tattooists in pursuit of personal excellence in restorative tattooing.

Nothing like A.R.T. has ever existed in the realm of medical tattooing.  We combine skills and talent with obsession.

heARTists all add a unique healing element to our life's work using proprietary trauma release and intention setting.


Often imitated, but nothing comes close to the purpose, passion and greatness that our past students exude.

See the media page of this site to see the A.R.T. difference in action, as each artist makes a huge impact on their community and beyond!  Be a part of tattooings' future and help us pave a new path to industry greatness.

Hybrid Training Outline:




Start with the A.R.T. Digital Class, and depending on what your specific educational needs are, we have "TATTOOING SCARS", "HYPER-REALISM", and "SACRED SPACE - Healing Tattoos"

Our 3-4 day focused training will get you perfecting your hand motions for technical excellence in ALL skin types, in our patent-pending scarred practice skins.  We teach our simple approach to creating optical illusion in damaged skin and our healing approach to bring a real sense of purpose into your days!

Guided Practicum includes sessions that begin prior to training to prepare you for when you get back.  Ongoing collaborative sessions ensure your confidence as we develop a plan for each client that you face in your own workplace. 


3 Yrs Machine Exp.

3 Students, 3 Days

Digital Class Included

Mentorship Included

$1000 off for Body Tattooers

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Learn on the Goods!

A.R.T. TatSoul Cartridges

MEDARTPRO Scarred Practice Skins

We designed the Pink Ribbon Series

Diagrams, books and more!

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True Collaboration

Work WITH trainer on a model

Collaborate on 2nd pass from afar

Videos and Photos to share

Healing Testimonials