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Drawing is a skill, not a talent.  Hard work beats talent any day, and we make it easy and fun!

Since a 3D Nipple IS an optical illusion, DRAWING SKILLS are a necessity.  Clearly this is a step that simply CAN'T be skipped, but we know all the clever tricks to teach you!


If you are somehow affected by breast cancer, you are ready to commit to being the best you can possibly be.  You can put yourself in the survivors shoes and understand why nothing less than the best will ever do!  And you're ready to be the best YOU can be!  We believe in you!

What we love to see:

3 years minimum

Machine Experience

Why is that?  Because we need you to respect the skin.  After a few years of tattooing, you've probably made a mistake or two and that will humble you.  When you have been humbled by this craft, you are in a true position to learn from the medium itself.  This is incredibly advanced work to do well.

Scar Tissue Experience

Is a definite plus!

Scar Tissue is unpredictable as well as challenging.  We can't tell how it will hold pigment until it heals, so A.R.T. actually teaches you to turn any and all inconsistencies into details.  We show you how to use skin texture to achieve hyper-realism.  Work WITH scars, instead of against them, for better results!

Emotional Healing

Responsible use of the term

Stacie-Rae has developed a unique approach to responsible trauma release and intention setting, which becomes the REAL reason our clients are called to us.  The tattoo is simply a talisman of positive change, applied skillfully to last.  Clients can look and feel like nothing has ever been taken away!

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