A global collective of heart-centered tattoo artists.  We work together to offer only the best in permanent Areola & Artistic Restorative Tattooing.

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Advanced tattooing should ONLY be executed by a skilled specialist.  We have strong pre-requisites and require strong commitment to excellence.  That's how we can always do our best!


We created the most advanced solutions for restorative tattooing with:

*Artistic Excellence

*Permanent Pigments

*A.R.T. Tattoo Needles!

*Scarred Practice Skins

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A.R.T. Mission Statement

“Because the school was so far from the academic mainstream, 

I had the opportunity to think outside the rigid parameters of 

belief that prevail in conventional academia”



A.R.T. Artistic & Areola Restorative Tattooing:

We start with NIPPLEBACKS temporary 3D Nipple Tattoos, patented in 65 countries, to help survivors experience a whole look.

Then we use permanent pigments and the best tools on the market to recreate that look for them in damaged skin.

We aim to do the best paramedical artistry possible.  We work as hard to understand the healing aspect that most miss.  

We will ONLY recommend highly skilled and heart-centered tattoo artists that we would also get tattooed by!

Created by a veteran body tattoo artist who specializes in scar coverups and knows how to create permanent art in scar tissue, we've changed the medical tattoo field.  Our patented products and unique artistic approach have helped some of the best in the world be their best.  We help tattooists become better than they ever thought was possible.  With effort, ANYONE can improve where they're at.

We are proud of our previous students accomplishments, such as :

 - Samantha Rae, who is now our senior partner, the designer of the Pink Ribbon Series by World Famous, the co-creator of MEDARTPRO skins (patent-pending) - the worlds first scarred and skin tone shaded practice skins!  Samantha is a P-Ink.org artist, a reiki master, yogi, and an incredible healing tattoo artist in her studio in the old growth forest on Canada's west coast.

 - Lucy Thompson, UK's first heARTist and the creator of the now-famous NIP - Nipple Innovation Project.  She's using her talents to make an incredible impact on breast cancer survivors in the UK!  She's been featured in many media outlets and she's making waves in NHS medical tattooing!  Let nurses, nurse and tattooers, tattoo!

 - Shauna Magrath, who is now becoming a world-renowned master of SMP and speaking at events sharing knowledge from her 15+ years in the beauty and cosmetic tattoo industry.

 - Jody Stoski, whom Stacie-Rae worked with for years has now started a paramedical tattoo academy.  Being a cancer survivor, shes got a heart for the cancer process.  Also one of Canadas first cosmetic tattooists, she's seen alot of changes in the industry herself!

 - Sherah Juarez, with 18 years in the medical tattoo industry, Stacie-Rae prepped her to train even better and now she is a speaker at many events and helping raise standards even more!

 - Shaughnessy Otsuji, coming to A.R.T. with raw drawing talent, she has inspired her peers to up their drawing skills.  Now we congratulate her on extending her business into the Los Angeles area to help more women love their new bodies!

 - Terry Lively, also prepped for training by Stacie-Rae, was already a trainer and started a cosmetic tattoo supply company, and spreads education to newer tattooists in a way that they can understand and apply!

We are so proud to have worked with these and SO many other amazing tattooists in the past, and we wish them all the best on their journey going forward!    We are the change we wished to see!  

A.R.T. has made some big waves and ruffled some feathers, and we know that with change comes resistance, so we're ok with it!  Because now we see the raised standards we came to help create.  



*We are all driven by a desire to inspire deep emotional healing by the ancient and sacred ART of tatau. 

*This is the new gold standard - Heart-centered, highly advanced specialists. 

-You deserve nothing but the BEST!  Don’t settle for less.

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